Yo! The name is Shauna. I'm 22 years old and a Graphic Designer/ Illustrator. I am agender and I like to get my nerd on.

I am a HUGE fan of GURO and GORE so I will post it often.

My blog is NSFW

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Do it for Mother Project

What is the project?

This is a little something I’ve come up with to help out tumblr user kirau-kizuato. Their family is having quite the hard time right now and are taking up commissions and selling artwork to try to support their mum’s surgery. Unfortunately, they’ve not gotten a ton of money raised for this and their deadline is in just about two weeks and really REALLY needs more money to try and support it. I don’t know about you guys, but I really don’t want them to be struggling so much any longer and while I can’t actually buy a commission, I decided to try and start this up for them instead to get more publicity!

How do I commission them?

Wellll it just so happens they have a very handy little commissions pageNot only is their style great, but they’re really really affordable, which means they’ll need a LOT to be able to raise up money for this! Also, if you notice on their page, there’s a handy little donate button if you simply just want to send them a few dollars.

What can I do to help?

Commission them or donate, of course! If you’re like me though and are unable to do either, then I highly suggest passing this post around or reblogging their commissions page. Doing any of that will help. Let’s try to get some eyes on this though— I want them to be able to have the things they need and the knowledge that their mum is safe again!

Please help my friend! His mother only has 4 days left, and we need to raise 960$ dollars!

Please, to all of my followers, even 1$ counts.

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this one is even spookier. Look what I fucking found in my house.



guess who managed to salvage some files from her computer??? its me

purple karkat

bloodswaps are hard

Holy shit…I wanna do this cosplay..I’M GOING TO DO THIS COSPLAY!!!

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Just finished watching Ao no Exorcist Movie. It was so depressing. Why did Usamaru have to die??? And and on top of that no one remembers him except for Rin and that one exorcist. cries forever…. (p.s. not my gif i couldn’t find the owner - sorry)

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This was really fun to chop up an bring to life! Take a closer look and a peek at the coloring process over on my Behance portfolio


good advertisements here on the highway



  • And kept his composure and enthusiasm
  • And didn’t freeze up like Mikasa
  • And didn’t have time to punch somebody like Eren
  • And didn’t have time to mourn like Armin
  • And didn’t have time to change names like Krista
  • And saved Reiner and Krista soon after from the Titans

connie doesn’t get enough appreciation 

sasha doesn’t either but that’s a story for another day


Seeing that I work in a factory I’ve come across this situation a number of times. Something a lot of people seem to miss is that it’s not the number of people you’ve been with that should matter. It’s the people you were (or are) with that should mean something no matter who they are, friends or lovers.

-Brandon Zalar

Look at my boyfriend drawing cute things for me again


did i actually save or did i imagine it? better save eleven more times

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